Prime Function is a small but successful team of Product Designers and Modelmakers established as far back as 1981.

A mark of our early success was that we are one of the few consultancies which has created a product that has been awarded the British Plastics Federation’s prestigious Horner Award.  The product in question was the Caddylac, a revolutionary hard-shell golf bag/trolley with integral hide away sprung wide-wheeled undercarriage.

Although the original nucleus of the business was product design, our particular expertise in the area of creative problem solving also resulted in work in related fields such as exhibition and point-of-sale.

We were aware though that there are many competing product design consultancies world-wide and that makes it difficult for potential clients to differentiate between one and the next.

So, a few years ago, we decided to specialise in what have turned out to be our key skills: Product Development, Rapid Prototyping and especially Modelmaking.

Over time these have manifested themselves into three distinct areas:

  • Prime Function Design Services
  • Real Estate Models
  • Rare Spares