High precision plastic mouldings, even with significant undercuts, in low volumes quickly and cheaply.

If this is what you need either to prove the design of a plastic product prior to production tooling or for the production itself of a limited volume high value product, then vacuum casting is almost certainly the answer.

As mentioned on the home page, the biggest problem for developers of new injection moulded plastic products has until very recently been the non-existence of a satisfactory step between a one-off model and the commitment to the expense of production injection mould tooling.

Fortunately this problem can now be solved by the modern rapid prototyping process of vacuum casting, a process which we carry out in house. Using stereo laser lithography (SLA's) or handmade models created by ourselves, low quantity runs of plastic production quality components are now possible which are both time and cost effective.


  • Tooling can be turned round in days rather than weeks.
  • Tooling costs will be at least one tenth of the cost of production injection mould tooling ….and possibly significantly less even than that.
  • Each tool should produce atleast 20 mouldings. If greater quantities are required then multi-impression tools are a cost-effective possibility.
  • Vacuum casting tools can also be produced directly from existing components where the original tooling no longer exists without problems of dimensional shrinkage.


  • Modern polyurethane resins used in vacuum casting are available to simulate the physical characteristics of most rigid and flexible thermoplastic polymers and also a range of thermosets.
  • Mouldings, depending on the characteristics required, can be produced in an infinite range of colours as well as in tinted and optically clear variations.
  • The surface finish of the model being used as a tooling pattern will be reproduced exactly on the finished moulding. Consequently a full gloss finish, a simulated 'spark' finish and other variations are possible.
  • We can cater for large mouldings that will fit into a space only marginally less than a 500mm cube. However, even larger ones than this are possible with a little more notice, so please enquire.
  • We can also spray finish mouldings, fit inserts and provide other post manufacture services if required.

Prime Function's vacuum casting service is the perfect compliment to our development and modelmaking expertise.

It provides the complete answer for manufacturers wanting to take that most significant and previously difficult and expensive step from original concept to first working prototype.